Non- Coverage List

Annual Maintenance Plan


What is not covered under the plan?

Bilder Appliance Sales & Service, Inc. offers the Annual Maintenance Plan which is designed to cover most common failure repairs and parts. Bilder Appliance Sales & Service, Inc. reserves the right to deny service due to hazardous conditions. Replacement parts or labor associated with repairs needed that were caused by the following are not covered under the Annual Maintenance Plan: Abuse, Fire, Vandalism, Rodent Infestation, Freeze Damages, Acts of Nature and Electrical Surges.


Items not covered per appliance

Refrigerator: Compressor, Sealed System, Water/Ice Dispenser, Shelving, Water supply lines, TV,

Range: Glass cooktops, Glass door panels, Exhaust Fans, Hood, Microwave components, Gas supply pipping, Gas shut off valves

Dishwasher: Racks, Rollers, Water supply lines, Drain Line, Shut off Valve

Clothes Washer: Transmission, Rear Bearings, Suds Saver, Water Supply Lines, Inner & Outer Tub

Clothes Dryer: Venting, Steam Related Parts, Bulkhead, Drum, Gas Shut off, Gas Supply Piping